Supercharger employees and executives at Tesla are being rehired

Elon Musk fired entire Tesla Superchargers overnight, and some executives and team members are reportedly being asked to return to the company.

According to Bloomberg, citing people familiar with the matter, Musk has reportedly withdrawn Max de Zeger, charging director of North America, who was among 500 employees.

The outlet did not specify how many employees were recalled to work, but noted it was more than one.

At midnight, I learned along with all of my Tesla Global Charging colleagues that Tesla Charging Org is no more,” Lane Chaplin, Tesla’s former head of North American real estate, wrote on LinkedIn at the time.

“Thank you to everyone who has already reached out to me. Your friendship is sincerely appreciated during the good and bad times.

Musk seemed to address the layoffs, stating Tesla would continue to expand its supercharger network, albeit at a “slower” rate than originally anticipated.

Tesla reported a 9% quarterly revenue decline during its Q1 2024 earnings call last month, the company’s biggest decline since 2012.

Earlier this month, college students reported that an electric vehicle company had their offers for summer internships revoked just weeks before they were to start without any explanation.

As of Monday afternoon, Tesla was up just 3% year-to-date.

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